Thinking about a vacation but not sure about the destination’? Why not visit Bahrain? Most visitors go for more popular destinations such as Dubai and Qatar overlooking the amazing country in the Persian Gulf. There are several reasons to visit Bahrain.

10 reasons to visit Bahrain

  1. More locals than Travelers

Fifty percent of the population is Bahraini, which is much higher compared to places like Dubai and Qatar. There is no better place to experience Middle East culture than Bahrain. In addition, being a less travelled destination, attractions won’t be crowded.

  1. Dry season throughout the year

If you are looking for destination with high temperature, than Bahrain is unlikely to disappoint you Bahrain receives very little rain even during off-season and temperature never fall below 10 C. There is plenty of sunshine to enjoy.

  1. Art

It is little known fact that Bahrain is home to most prominent artists who have produced great pieces of art. Art lovers have plenty of museums and galleries. There are many places where you can buy a great of piece of art at reasonable prices. Even in the architecture of the city, you can see some great artistic work.

  1. Fun at Al Dar Islands

Although, Bahrain do not possess as many beaches as other Gulf countries but Al Dar Island is best equipped to entertain you. Island is great for water sports, fishing, flying and swimming. Islands are great for those who seek relaxation and seclusion.

  1. Las Vegas in Middle East

In 1986, Bahrain was linked to Saudi Arabia through King Fahd Causeway. Saudi Arabia is only 15 miles away from Bahrain, so most Saudi’s seeking great nightlife visit Bahrain. Bahrain has large number of bars, clubs, theatres and restaurants. These places are great for those who want to party and meet locals.

  1. The Desert

Bahrain’s beautiful desert landscape offers something unique sights dominated by desert and sea. In desert, line of palm groves beside mosques a perfect postcard picture. You must try orange and lemon orchards. Visit A’ali old necropolis tombs and oil wells. Even visiting nomad tents would be an experience of lifetime.

  1. Tree of life

An old Acacia tree in the middle of desert is something to you must visit. It is a tree is located near Jabal ad Dukhan. It is believed that tree was once part of the mythical Garden of Eden. Crowds flock from all around the world to witness the mythical tree.

  1. F1 circuit

Every season Bahrain is one of the major circuits that hosts Formula 1 race. Do the bookings in advance to see powerful machines racing at high speed.

  1. Oldest tombs

World’s oldest tombs in A’ali is great attraction. They are spread around the modern day homes. Tombs shapes are like rounded banks or little hills. These are surprising sights and unique one

  1. Traditions

All around the world traditions are slowly disappearing. In Middle East, nomadic life has reduced due to modernization. To experience the life of nomads tourism companies specially arrange a one-day trip to live like nomads. Live in tents under the light of a fire is something you must look forward.

It seems you may have your holiday destination in the form of Bahrain. So what are waiting for, go apply for Bahrain Visa and a flight ticket.