Jabalpur is a historic city that lies in Madhya Pradesh. It is known for its rich cultural heritage.Jabalpur is a historic city located in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. Its name is frequently associated with JabaliPattan or Jabalipuram and is associated with the sage Jaabaali. He was mentioned in the ancient epic Ramayana and it is believed that it served as his tapasyabhoomi although no such proof has been found for the same. The Jabalpur Municipal Corporation passed a resolution in the year 2006 to freshly name the city as Jabalipuram. Some historians also say that the name might have come from the original Arabic word “jah-bahl” and its numerous misspellings such as jebal, jabal, jibal and jebel. The word means a mountain, hill or slope, as in elevations. These words are often used to name several places, mountains, and others.

Brace your stay at the historic city of Jabalpur

Historians call Jabalpur as a cultural capital to the state of Madhya Pradesh as this title was given to it by the acharyaVinayakNarhariBhave. In local dialect, the city is called as the SanskaarDhani. This is in addition to the name of Raj Dhani to the city of Bhopal and Vanijyadhani to the city of Indore. A primary reason behind the title of SanskarDhani to Jabalpur is that the city has undergone several transitions in terms of culture and art under the effect of several cultural connoisseurs that cast a long-term effect. There are a large number of hotels in Jabalpur that offer superb accommodation and facilities to their guests. These public figures include HarishankarParsai, BeoharRajendraSimha, MakhanlalChaturvedi, RoopkumarSoni, Rehman, Raghubir Yadav, Subhadrakumari Chauhan and a lot more. Beohar Ram Manohar Simha, an internationally recognised artist and painter from Jabalpur royal Beohar family. He has the rare reputation for being the designer and decorator of the preamble of the constitution of India. The reputed traditional artist and painter was also a native of this city.

Jabalpur is culturally a hindu-dominated area. This is primarily due to the fact that it lies on the banks of river Narmada as well as the city has witnessed the rule of the Gonds and Kalchuri Maratha dynasties. However the arrival of the Mughal rule in the city brought a sizeable Muslim population to the city. The city is the perfect amalgamation of the best of old and the new. It has a very cosmopolitan feel to it and the people here come from almost all ethnic groups around the country. Each and every festival is celebrated here with equal enthusiasm and pomp. People around the state come here to bear witness for the glorious celebrations of Navratri and Dussehra by the DurgaPandals.

Moreover the city has a very picturesque topography that makes it a mesmerising place to visit. The mighty hills of Jabalpur are also a point of interest for archaeologists and geologists. The whole city is surrounded by hillocks and low rocky hills. THe major reservoirs, namely Pariyat and Khandari, lie in the north East region. You can check out the cheap hotels in Jabalpur and plan a budget stay in this city.