Most of the women who are bulky have sort of complex on wearing what will suit them or what will not. Being a fat lady I my whole life have been struggling and sticking to the same denims and tops which doesn’t make me look too fat. But there is a solution to this problem like fat girls have more material in their body that can be used wisely. Like ruffle leggings wholesale can be bought in colors which will not be economical but will also be the best leg wear you can get. If you haven’t worn or seen a ruffle legging it is legging that has special frill kind of ending near the feet and it looks like a party frock from there.

It doesn’t always mean what it says that leggings are for slim legs, no they are not. Like the ruffle leggings can be worn by many women special bulky ones. They don’t make you look fat as the ruffle leggings will have the special bulky ending that will camouflage your legs or your body like the dress is also meant to be broad or loose. These will cover the problem of your legs looking fat in the leggings.

As leggings are tight and they tend to show your legs and every part of it, so they must be worn with care. No I am not saying that you can’t wear them you definitely can. But for wearing them you need to keep in mind the following


As the light colors like white or beige will show your bulk even more so they must be avoided. Black creates a very stylish and silky look and makes you look like a professional and a good classy woman. And the rest of colors like purple and blue will do the same for you. So if you choose the color of your legging wisely it will help you a lot.

Not all colors can make you look graceful and not all of them can make you look ugly so it is important to know which colors suit you and which don’t.


Material is the key to everything, the more thin material the more they will show your bulk. So it is important to wear material that is thick and covers the parts as well. It is important to choose and see the material, many of leggings are as thin as denims and they give a great look.


Printed leggings make your bulk go and blend in with the print on the material. This will draw less attention to your legs and more attention to the print. It is research that prints make the spectator stare at the floral or whatever is being made rather than the figure.

Usually printed or ruffle leggings wholesale can be bought in cheap rates if you buy them online. So it is important to know which size suits you the best before you order it.