When you are starting a business of your own these days, one of the first things you should have is your own website and domain.  This is as important to a business in the 21st century as an established telephone number was to those in the last century.  And a good domain name and website can often be the difference between a business that is instantly recognized and one that is just another competitors for the customer’s dollar. Branding is important and companies spend tens of millions of dollar establishing a name brand that is recognizable to the average joe.  Relying upon a firm like Namecheap to provide you with a domain name and SSL can assist greatly in this critical aspect of starting your business.  For additional discounts on these services you can use a Groupon coupon to get 10% off the price of a domain name.  And they can also provide you with technical assistance and guidance to assure that your name and domain are secure and protected from infringement.


Of course, obtaining a domain name isn’t all there is to establishing a website.  Once you have your site you can take advantage of Namecheap’s ultimate hosting package by using their Groupon promo code.  You may also need advice and assistance to successfully build your website.  You can also have assistance for building your website, along with valuable advice and comment.  Good websites reflect a lot of thought and creativity.  But they also reflect technical skill and expertise.  It is impossible to overstate how a potential customer or client can respond to a well-designed website. This includes services like SEO, or search engine optimization. Your site is only as good as the people that are able to find it on search engines like Google and Bing.  When you are in a competitive business you need to put your best foot forward, so the time and money invested in establishing a quality webpage and domain will more than pay for itself.


All websites require your regular attention; they are not like advertisements that you put on a sign and wait for people to see them.  Websites are often a potential customer’s first contact with your business, so they can be your one time to present yourself effectively.  And if your website doesn’t do that job well it can be your business’s ultimate “deal breaker” so you should pay particular attention to having it done well.  After all, your website doesn’t just represent your business; it represents you as a person.  And you don’t want to give others a bad first impression.