These days you are likely to see many young people wearing totally different clothes than others of same age group dressed casually or even middle-aged men wearing suits and ties. Their dressing sense might be appreciated by some; others may think it to be a different form of culture and some might even start considering it to be disgrace to fashion. We shall discuss the main features that urban clothing should have.



This style of clothing imitates three piece and two-piece dresses and this is commonly called hip hop fashion. The upper part could be T-shirt or a sweater. Depending on their tastes and preferences tone will vary from white to combination of many colors. It may also be a depiction of certain culture such as image of rapper. Pants are generally big, hang loosely and are of dark or dark – blue color. Jeans are also of different pattern. Though not necessary, jacket could form the third item of outfit. Its length is more and could reach up to level of knee. Generally jacket is worn unzipped. Get some cool hip hop clothing at clothing at Koovs today.





Naturally as people do not move out without wearing shoes, they prefer to wear sneakers in urban clothing as these shoes have been found to be very comfortable for walking, playing ball or even while dancing. The color of the footwear shall depend on the choice of the wearer. Cap could also be worn by followers of hip hop fashion. It is normally worn with skip turned sideways or turned backward. His style also has fashion wear jewelry like chains worn around neck or wrists. Even golden or platinum chains are not uncommon. Normal metal chains are acceptable.


Men’s tights had been in fashion since long but became unpopular later and started being considered as garment for women although some men continued to use these. Men’s trousers started getting bigger till they took funny shape and were half falling off the bums and crotch. Soon men’s tights made a comeback and were worn as outer wear as was practice centuries before like fashion statement. Avail latest Flipkart online shopping offers offers to get some good discounts.


As people were wearing sport tights for quite some time now and were used to wearing these and were  in fact appreciating it, this assisted in the transition from underwear to the outerwear. All those who have the desire to wear these men’s tights as fashion statement, this is the right opportunity to do so. Today the time has come for men to get out of their comfort zone and try wearing unconventional apparel with ease. Gone are the days when men had to dress conventionally with the boring browns, greys and blacks adorning their wardrobe. Today there is no color that men cannot experiment with, as long as he can carry it with complete confidence and not be conscious in it.