Human Growth Hormones are those hormones which help to stimulate the growth of children and adults. It consists of 190 amino acids. It helps the production of cell and generation of cells. A stimulant is something that boosts the generation of the hormone. To understand the concept of human growth hormone we first of all need to know what is a hormone?

Hormones are messengers that are secreted to the blood. The function of hormones helps as below –

  • It helps to maintain the temperature of the human body.
  • It helps for the change and variation of mood.
  • Maintains the development and growth of the body.

Hormones are usually secreted from the endocrine glands of the body such as Pituitary glands, Pineal glands, Thyroid, Adrenal glands and ovaries. All these glands take a small amount of these hormones for large part of change in our body because usage or secretion of excess amount may lead to many kinds of diseases and abnormalities. Not only excess of the hormone effects but even the deficiency of hormones may lead to a worst situation. If a person is having hormone deficiency synthetic hormones are used for their replacement. There are many as hormone replacement therapy for both excess and deficiency of hormones. There are hormones which release other hormones for example, pancreatic beta cells releases insulin as a result of increase in the blood sugar level. The insulin so generated utilizes the blood sugar.

What are Growth hormones?

Growth hormones are commonly known as Somatotropin. Human Growth Hormone is the same which is its human form. This acts as an anabolic agent. Somatototropin is a peptide hormone that helps for human growth development. Growth hormones help in slowing down the aging the person. Growth hormones are produced in large scales in human body. As age goes the growth hormone starts to decline. Human Growth Hormone is produced by the Pituitary glands.

Advantages of HGH

  • HGH increases the development new protein tissues which help in muscle development and repair.
  • This helps in conversion of fat to energy resources.
  • It helps to improve sleep.
  • Strong bones are developed as a result of HGH.
  • Improves heart and kidney functions. Check out the review of HGH Factor.

Human Growth Hormone has become an active factor in many medicines. This had become inevitable for the treatment of children with poor growth like genetic problems like growth and development of girl, low generation of sex hormones.

HGH factor energises the body and they help to discharge more number of bones, support the tissues more .Ultimately this makes turn our body’s clock anticlockwise which may have many pros and cons. The main reason for not considering this as an anti aging therapy is that gain and drawbacks of the long term use of HGH is not been yet found out among the healthy people. There are many side effects of HGH like joint pain and it might increase the risk of diabetes also.