Dreaming of a beautiful wedding at the beach? Sun, sea, and sand – beaches can be the perfect place to have a wedding. However, it’s not so easy to plan the perfect beach wedding; let alone find the perfect attire. A lot of people have made the mistake of choosing a wedding look that seems inappropriate for the beach. Some forget to ditch the big dress and the fancy heels, so they end up looking overdressed and out of place at their own wedding.

With so much planning to do, you might not have enough time to come up with the perfect wedding look. Worried about how to find the perfect attire for your beach wedding? Take a look at these tips and ideas to help you get a clear idea.

Beach wedding attire for the bride

When you’re having a wedding at the beach, it’s all about comfort and happiness. You’d want to go for dresses made of lightweight material, which will not inhibit your movement around the beach. You might even want to skip the veil altogether, as this can look a bit out of place at the beach. No matter where your wedding venue is, however, always consider your body shape so you can choose a dress that flatters you.

  • Hourglass – Women with this type of body are lucky because they can look great in almost anything. It may be best to go for dresses that highlight your curves. Figure-hugging numbers like mermaid dresses and tight-fitting skirts are perfect.
  • Pear-shaped – If you have this body type, the key is to draw attention towards your upper body with off-shoulder dresses and halter necks. Choose a bodice that has some nice details on it. Avoid dresses that have gathered fabric around the waist.
  • Full-figured – For full-figured women, empire waistlines are flattering for your curves. You could highlight your full bust with deep V-necks or open necklines. While sleeved gowns can hide heavy arms, avoid puffy sleeves and thin straps.
  • V-shaped – Women with this body type can create balance by wearing A-line dresses or empire waistlines. A dress with a V-neck and a cinched waist is also perfect. Cowl necks and puffed sleeves are a big no-no if you have a V-shaped body.

Beach wedding attire for the groom

A lot of men don’t like to dress up and a beach wedding is perfect for them because they get to go informal. The groom can pair a crisp tailored shirt with linen pants in colors that are in tune with your wedding color scheme. Maybe white linen pants and white espadrilles for a simple and casual all-white look?

You could go for a more classic look with black linen pants, a beige summer blazer, and a pair of boat shoes. For a chic look, you could ditch the linen pants altogether and go for tailored shorts in beige and a dark summer blazer. The quirky groom can rock pinstripe shorts and white derby shoes with a fun bowtie.

Whatever you decide to wear, make sure the belt and shoes are matching. You should also opt for beach-themed cufflinks and boutonnieres such as seashells, palm trees, or starfish. You could play around with these ideas to create a look that’s true to your personality and couple style. For more beach wedding attire ideas, check out the full infograph.

Russ Skydon is the co-founder of Wedding Tropics, Beach Wedding Attire.While growing up in the southern California beach and surfer scene, he was always very fashionable.Shortly after  his marriage on a beach he realized that his real passion and path is to design and set fashion trends from that point on the wedding tropics came in life.