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White Collar is one of the most popular American TV shows of the decade. You can watch all its episodes on Created by Jeff Eastin, this TV series stars Tim DeKay, who plays FBI special agent Peter Burke, and Matt Bomer, who is Neal Caffrey, a multi-talented and extremely intelligent con artist, working with Burke. The show had its premiere on October 23, 2009, on Fox Television, and it had six complete seasons. It ended on December 18, 2014.

The action of White Collar is placed in New York. The series presents Neal Caffrey, a con artists and a thief; after three years of cat and mouse games, the FBI manages to catch him. After four years of sentence, Neal manages to escape, but Peter Burke catches him again and sends him to prison. However, Caffrey offers a deal to the FBI, to work for the bureau; with some hesitation, Burke accepts the deal, and an unconventional partnership starts. Caffrey is helping Burke to catch dangerous white collar criminals. Everything happens in the first minutes of the show, and it ends with the two men ending the deal.

During it six seasons, White Collar offers answer to a lot of questions regarding life in the United States, catching criminals, deals with the FBI, and many more. However, the last season, will simply open new questions, which fans will have to answer by themselves. After watching few episodes of White Collar, everyone becomes a fan of Neal Caffrey, and wish him a nice life, with a happily ending. Unfortunately, life is not always as we expect, and Neal needs to look over his shoulder constantly, in order to survive in the jungle of New York. Furthermore, there is also a good news, because in the six episode of the first season, Neal gets some help from Mozz (played by Willie Garson), who becomes his trusted help, and who have won the appreciation of the fans. The guys like to say about themselves they were “born to run”. So you will not see them settling down.

The last season of White Collar brought more changes and turnovers than fans expected, but we will not reveal anything, so you can watch all the episodes and discover things by yourself.

However, we can definitely tell you that every episode of White Collar comes with new interesting cases, and the show is worthy and fans are always satisfied by the action, story line, and especially the cast. And the show works also because Neal, Mozz, and even Peter, managed to get the affection of the fans, who watch their adventure with every new episode.

Many people compare White Collar with Covert Affairs, and it is true. They have a similar challenge and also other similarities, so if you watched it and you liked it, you should definitely give it a try to White Collar. In the end, we can just assure you that this TV show worth every minute of watching, because it is smart, adventurous, and unpredictable.